Laminated Marble /granite Products

3mm Marble + 4mm aluminum poly backing

Application: Marble Shower Wall
3.7 lbs./sq.ft,1/3 weight to 3/4" marble slab

Max. Height: 95",  Max. Width: 46"



10mm Granite + 1mm Fiberglass Backing


Application: Show Wall & Shower Base

6 lbs./sq.ft,1/2 weight to 3/4" granite slab

Height: 70"~95"   Width: 29"~36"



3mm Marble + 4mm aluminum poly backing Application: Exterior Wall Cladding, Reduce
Max. Size: 46"x95", the weight of architecture


3~5mm Onyx/Marble + 10mm Glass backing


Application: Transparent Background Wall

Max. Size: 800x2000mm, Transparent Lighting goes through the natural Onyx


Ceramic Backing Tiles Marble laminated Granite Backing Tiles/Slabs
size 12"x12", 24"x24", thick 1/2" Enhance the durability of marble



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